Inkanyezi is a student-run organisation, which seeks to address the social needs in township schools by empowering learners through mentorship and providing them with the necessary information on post-matric options, learnerships and bursaries. Inkanyezi aims to provide learners with the knowledge, as well as the skills needed to take advantage of the post-high school opportunities available to them.

Inkanyezi focuses on opportunities such as courses at tertiary institutions further education and training colleges, jobs and career advice, mentorship and lifestyle support. Currently, Inkanyezi visits four different schools four days a week.

We conduct workshops focusing on: confidence building, understanding how to efficiently set goals, staying positive, voicing who you are, discussing what community means and how we can serve our community, leadership, to mention a few.

The Vision we have

Inkanyezi is a student run organization based at the University of Cape Town. As students, we intend to use our knowledge and experience to benefit learners in a fun yet meaningful way.

We aim to enable them to realize their potential and to impart the philosophy of Ubuntu in the learners of South Africa. Inkanyezi’s vision is to create a sustainable future for youth attending high schools in the Cape Peninsula who are gifted yet disempowered through poverty.

This includes building leadership and awareness among young people from all backgrounds in order to create a nation that values and supports all South Africans irrespective of race, language, class or gender.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, mentor, inspire and guide the learners. We aim to harness their potential by using the information and resources which we have in order to support them and give them access to opportunities for higher education. Most of all, we want the learners to build relationships with their mentors in order to truly benefit from the opportunity of learning from those who are able to inspire and transfer knowledge.

Inkanyezi aims to present career opportunities to disadvantaged and motivated high school learners around the Cape Peninsula.

Schools We visit

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