Tutoring Tips & Info

TeachOut tutoring tips


1.          Keep calm and remember that the students want to be there and want to learn.

2.          Be prepared – read over the worksheet in the bus, Google words you do not have definitions for and practice sums you are not sure               of.

3.          If stuck or do not know what to do, ask your fellow volunteers for help.

4.          Introduce yourself and get the group to do the same – try to remember names for next week!

5.          Try to speak slowly and clearly.

6.          Firstly, try to introduce the lesson by chatting about the worksheet’s theme.

7.          Encourage participation from the learners; try to get different people to read out questions and let the learners work in groups to                     figure out answers etc.

8.          Be patient and try to explain concepts slowly.

9.          Never just tell learners the answers; let them to try and reach the answer through your explanations.

10.       Always give praise for improvement.

11.       Never be abusive in any way to your learners.

12.       Be flexible – have back up ideas in case the worksheet is not relevant.

13.       Be creative in your teaching techniques. You can go wild.

14.       Try and make learning fun, by making a game of it or getting the group to act something out.

15.       Do the worksheets with the students. For instance, if they must write a poem or do a sum, do it as well. They will learn from your                      example.

16.       Be firm when necessary. For instance, when someone is being distracting, ask them to stop and if they continue, refuse to teach until               they are quiet (normally their peers will make them be quiet!). If a learner is really out of hand, you can ask them to leave the                             session.

17.       Stick to the time allocated, but encourage learners to chat to you after the session. This is when the mentoring/relationship building                stuff happen.

18.       Try to get you know your learners and what they struggle with in terms of academics.

19.       If you are not enjoying something, be it the worksheets or people, let a committee member know and we will try our best to see                      what can be improved.

20.      The most important tip is to have fun!

Classroom stimulation

The most challenging and exciting aspect of being a tutor is, that there are no such thing as standard students. Each class is dynamic and filled with all different ‘types’ of students, all with their own individual personalities. As a tutor, it is important to try and engage with all different types of students


In groups of 8 or less, take turns, where one person is the tutor and the rest of the group are students. Each student will take on the personality from one of the students below. You may swop and change or even create your own unique student personality, to add a twist to this student-teacher scenario. Enjoy teaching.

Different type of personalities:

Tips Teachout.JPG