is the secondly largest student-run organization at the University of Cape Town.

Ubunye has an umbrella structure which houses 3 projects; 

Inkanyezi, TeachOut and the Thethani Debating League.

Ubunye - meaning unity- aims to bring together our 3 projects in an attempt to provide a more holistic way of engaging with under resourced high schools in the wider Cape Town space.


is a mentoring program which aims to present a range of career opportunities to learners therefore broadening their scope of future prospects. A mentor fulfils the roll of an information point who guides and leads learners through their last years of schooling.

Inkanyezi’s primary role is to provide information about life post schooling, not only limited to tertiary education.



is a tutoring based organization which aims to provide academic assistance to learners. As a tutor you and others work through exercise worksheets, help with homework and sometimes assist with general concept building that learners may be lacking.

TeachOut offers English, Mathematics, Science and Accounting. Tutors choose the subject(s) they feel most comfortable tutoring and then attend the corresponding session.



Thethani Debating League

focuses on teaching debating techniques, critical thinking skills, public speaking, and self-confidence in one’s voice. The program allows for coaches and learners meet up once a week for training as well has monthly debating tournaments.

The Thethani Debating League also partakes in the provincial leagues where learners are able to debate with a whole host of students from the Western Cape.



Ubunye encourages its tutors, mentors and coaches to attend the same weekly session so as to form relationships with the learners they work with. We believe that this relationship allows for the programs to operate at the highest functionality. Ubunye does however understand people have other commitments and so are very grateful to any commitment to the programs.


Ubunye provides all resources as well as transport to the schools.

Volunteering with Ubunye allows for people to develop capacity amongst students to perform community development work as well as interact with learners and make new connections.

The Commitee

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